Sales Accelerator Podcast Episode 1

In this podcast you get a chance to hear from Matt Jones, Director of Sales at Dorner Mfg Corp, Rick Howe, President of Knotts Company, and Jim Hennen, VP of Sales at Braas Company. These three discuss the partnership between Dorner and its distributor base. Because Dorner gets their product primarily to market through distributor channels it is vital that these distributors be well informed and knowledgeable about Dorner’s offerings. In the podcast they discuss training Dorner offers their distributors to make sure that they are well informed about Dorner’s products. Dorner offers training through webinars, basic and advanced training sessions at Dorner’s headquarters, and more.

They also discuss in the podcast about how Dorner’s sales tools help distributors work effectively. Dorner offers their distributors online configuration and pricing tools to help them create quotes for customers. These tools are very powerful and valuable in helping distributors quickly get the information they need for their customers. In addition they discuss Dorner’s support staff of customer service members and engineers who are always willing to help distributors with any questions that they might have. Dorner wants their distributors to prosper and is always looking for ways to help and support them.