Product Positioning when stopping is often a necessity for processes such as inspection, assembly or feeding into equipment. This can be achieved in different ways depending upon the accuracy required.

 Servo Drives
Servo drives can be mounted to the conveyor using standard or modified hardware.
  • Accurately stops the conveyor to provide precise part location.
  • Provides controlled acceleration and deceleration.
  • Great for very accurate assembly operations.
 Timing Belt Conveyors
A large timing belt can be used as the actual conveyor belt in conjunction with a toothed conveyor pulley.
  • Provides excellent belt movement control.
  • Used for accurate part or fixture positioning.
  • Can be used with a variety of drives, including servo drives for very accurate indexing and positioning.
 Shaft Encoders
Encoders can be mounted to the drive shaft of the conveyor.
  • Senses shaft rotation or counts pulley revolutions.
  • Can sense excessive drag on the conveyor belt.
  • Counts revolutions for accurate control of the belt in feeding or indexing applications.

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