Industrial Conveyor System Industries

Food Handling & Processing Conveyor Systems

The AquaPruf 7400 series of conveyors is designed for fast and effective sanitation, from wipe down to daily high-pressure washdown with chlorinated cleaners. The patented, welded frame construction has rounded frame members, minimal fasteners in the food zone, flanged belt tracking and is designed to be 100% accessible for cleaning in seconds.

General Manufacturing Conveyor Systems
From supplying material to the production area, to feeding high speed machinery, to conveying packaged products to the carton machine, Dorner leads the world in moving, positioning and controlling products. Whether the products are plastic, metal, paper, wood or metal, Dorner is experienced in using conveyors to improve productivity in over 1200 different industries.

Integrators Conveyor Systems 

Many integrators and machine builders have made the choice to have Dorner satisfy their conveying needs. Dorner offers experienced application assistance that ensures the performance and on time delivery of the right conveying system. Whether the application calls for high speed indexing, product orientation or space savings designs to fit into a machine, Dorner has a full line of conveying choices pre-engineered, and where needed, Dorner will modify or build a whole new conveyor that ensures reliable performance.

Material Handling 

Production through inspection through assembly through packaging. Handling small components, complete assemblies or large packages. Straight ahead, around curves, ground level or overhead. Our material handling conveyors do it all.

Medical Conveyor Systems

Dorner offers the AquaPruf line of stainless steel conveyors when sanitary requirements are necessary. The AquaPruf conveyors are designed for fast and effective sanitation. They are 100% accessible for cleaning in only seconds. When sanitation is done after packaging, Dorner offers a full line of aluminum conveyors and automation controls for precision manufacturing.

Metal Working Conveyor Systems

Whether you are metal stamping, metal cutting, metal forming, sintered metal products or assembly Dorner provides the smallest conveyor profiles in the industry while engineering durability into the designs for years of production.

Pharmaceutical Conveyor Systems

Compressing pills, filling drums with pills, high speed bottle filling, blister packaging to off line inspections, Dorner conveyors have been providing reliable conveying for the Pharmaceutical industry and provides manufacturing flexibility for contract fillers.