General Manufacturing Industry 

From supplying material to the production area, to feeding high speed machinery, to conveying packaged products to the carton machine, Dorner leads the world in moving, positioning and controlling products. Whether the products are plastic, metal, paper, wood or metal, Dorner is experienced in using conveyors to improve productivity in over 1,200 different industries.

General Manufacturing IndustryDorner has a full line of aluminum and stainless steel framed conveyors for offline and full production line systems.

General Manufacturing Conveyor System Options Include:
  • Straight sections
  • Curves
  • Cleated
  • Incline
  • Decline
  • Plastic chain
  • Belted conveyors.

Dorner offers millions of options to fit almost any need. These conveyors are produced in a cellular manufacturing environment.

Dorner Produces Every Industrial Conveyor System:
  • The customer’s exact length and width
  • The right options
  • No additional time or costs
  • Average lead-time for conveyors is 5 days.

When Dorner’s standard product lines just don’t meet your needs, go with our custom manufacturing.  Dorner’s staff of experienced customer application engineers are ready to help solve the application problems with a special product. 25% of the conveyors that are made by Dorner have been modified to meet a special customer need.

Special Conveyor Systems Include:
  • Magnetic
  • Vacuum
  • Back lighted
  • Fixtures
  • Split belt
  • Common drives
  • Metal free zones
  • Timing belt
  • Deviators
  • Lift gates
  • Many more

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