Industrial Conveyor Systems - Integrators and Machine Builders

Integrators IndustryMany integrators and machine builders have made the choice to have Dorner satisfy their conveying needs. Dorner offers experienced application assistance that ensures the performance and on time delivery of the right conveying system.

Whether the application calls for:
  • High speed indexing
  • Product orientation
  • Space savings designs to fit into a machine
  • Full line of conveying choices pre-engineered
  • Dorner will modify or build a whole new conveyor that ensures reliable performance
  • Application video taped before the conveyor is built
Many machine builders feel they can make conveyors cheaper by building conveyors in house. However many of our customers have stopped building their own conveyors because they have found that buying a conveyor is actually cheaper, when total costs of design, drawings, raw materials, documentation, labor, overhead, replacement parts and on-site service are factored into the cost equation. These services are standard for Dorner. Also customers have commented that updating systems with future changes is difficult and time consuming, while purchasing conveyors freed up their key people to work on new products and even additional sales.

OEM Industrial Conveyor Application Stories

Conveyors for Plastics Manufacturing and Material Handling

Many modern products are made of plastics. The light weight of these products can make the material handling, product movement and product positioning challenging. Often these products are made in molding machines that drop product near the floor, then the product has to be elevated for delivery to a bin for the next process. Today’s high speed and automated manufacturing often calls for a lights-out molding plant where the lights are turned out to save energy and costs. Reliable conveying systems are a must in these plants. Robotics interfaces are also used to unload molding machines and position products for the next operation.

Z Frame Industrial Conveyors: Elevation Changes Using Conveyors

Dorner’s durable conveying systems, and controls capabilities have helped many plastic manufactures automate their systems for years of trouble free operations. The LPZ, which is a Z-frame conveying system, was developed especially for the plastics industry to ensure parts can be effectively elevated or declined to fill a bin or feed an assembly machine. Dorner’s LPZ is designed with two adjustable pivot points that can accommodate any adjustment in height. Most competitive z-frame conveyors have fixed pivot points, which can not be adjusted to meet the manufacturing needs of tomorrow.

When simple inclines or declines are needed Dorner’s 2200 series can be the right solution combined with an optional cleated belt system parts can climb steep inclines.

Small Part Transfer Options: Low Profile Conveyors

Small part handling is often a problem in plastic part handling. Dorner’s low profile space saving designs handle most small parts without the need for dead plates and rollers. When very small parts need to transfer, Dorner offers the option of selecting a nose bar transfer tail that is only 8 mm in diameter.

The Dorner Advantage: Optimal Integration
The LPZ and all of the Dorner conveyors can be integrated into automated systems. Dorner has electrical engineers on staff who work with customers to develop the most cost effective reliable integration possible.

A precision, quality conveying system from Dorner is cheap insurance, that keeps expensive injection molding, blow molding and plastic forming machines working for maximum productivity with or without lights.

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