Many machine builders feel they can make conveyors cheaper by building conveyors in house. Numerous others however, have stopped building their own conveyors because they have found that buying a conveyor is actually cheaper. When total costs of design, drawings, raw materials, documentation, labor, overhead, replacement parts and on-site service are factored into the cost equation the cost of designing and creating your own conveyor can add up quickly. Customers who have switched from building their own conveyors to buying from a conveyor system from Dorner have commented that, updating systems they built was often difficult and time consuming, while purchasing conveyors freed up their employees to work on other projects. Dorner offers experienced application assistance that ensures the performance and on time delivery of the right conveying system, whether the application calls for:
  • High speed, precision indexing
  • Product orientation
  • Space savings designs to fit into a machine
  • Full line of conveying choices pre-engineered
  • Dorner will modify or build a whole new conveyor that ensures reliable performance
  • Application video-taped before the conveyor is built

Conveyors for Plastics Manufacturing and Material Handling

Many modern products are made of plastics. The light weight of these products can make the material handling, product movement and product positioning challenging. Often these products are made in molding machines that drop product near the floor, then the product has to be elevated for delivery to a bin for the next process. In addition robotic interfaces are used more and more to unload molding machines and position products for the next operation. This requires that your conveyor systems move parts to the exact spot every time.

Precision Move

Dorner’s Precision Move conveyors in our 2200 and 3200 series lines are a great way to make sure that your product gets to the right spot at the right time. These conveyors offer accurate alignment every time, making them ideal for applications that require precision. Features on the Precision Move include:

  • Cogged belt and side guides to ensure excellent belt tracking
  • Speeds of up to 370 ft/min
  • Optional pallet mounting bars for product transportation and handling

Whether you’re looking to move delicate crystal or hammers, Dorner’s line of Precision Move conveyors are up to the challenge. With their precision controls and optional pallet mounting bars you can trust the 2200 and 3200 Precision Move conveyors to get your product to the exact spot it needs to be every single time. 

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