Metal Working Conveyor System

Dorner invented the first under die, space saving conveyors and Dorner continues to be the leader in the metal working industry today by improving metal working productivity. Dorner's line of industrial conveyors are used in many metal working processes, including:Metal Working Industry
  • Metal stamping
  • Metal cutting
  • Metal forming
  • Sintered metal products
  • Assembly
  • Smallest conveyor profiles in the industry
  • While engineering durability

The Rugged 6200 Series of Metal Stamping Conveyors with Patented Wedge-Lok
The 6200 series of industrial conveyors is engineered and designed for the tough environments in the metal working industry.


The 6200 industrial conveyor has:

  • One piece, 11 gauge stainless steel frame that resists frame racking
  • Covered and sealed bearings to keep out metal filings
  • 1.5 inch frame to top of belt
  • Rack and pinion tensioning
  • V-guided tracking

Recently Dorner has engineered the Wedge-Lok design into the 6200 tail ends. The Wedge-Lok design resists tail damage even when the conveyor is accidentally dropped on the floor, jammed into a die bolster, parallels, end plate or temporary stored in a half filled drum.

This conveyor is so rugged that competitive conveying companies order 6200 conveyors for their internal metal working operations.

2200 Series Industrial Conveyor with T-Slots

If T-slots are necessary for mounting controls and guiding.

Dorner's 2200 series conveyors offer
  • Boxed frame of extruded aluminum, prevents frame racking and adds strength
  • Stainless steel bed plate adds to the durability
  • Space saving design with a top-of-belt depth of 1.87 inches
  • Fully enclosed bearing for protection from the harsh environments

MPB Series Industrial Conveyor
At times sharp edges on metal parts or scrap will damage urethane belts or drainage for machine coolants is necessary. Dorner offers a full line of plastic chain conveyors that resists cutting and allows drainage of coolants and oils. The line of conveyors is based on the 2200 series box frame style design and can more than double belt life, which reduces maintenance time and the total cost of ownership.
Metal Working Conveyor System Options

Dorner has designed and engineered the widest selection of guiding, stands, gang drives, common drives, motion sensors, controls and other common accessories that effectively automate metal operations in the industry. No competitor can match Dorner’s options or delivery.

Metal Working Conveyors: Delivery

Dorner can deliver the 6200, MPB and the 2200 series conveyors with customer selected options faster than any other competitor in the industry. When next week is too late, call Dorner today.

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