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24 Jul 15

Choosing the Right Equipment to Increase You're ROI

When updating or designing new production lines, your ROI and find ways to increase it is always a major consideration. Efficiency is a key factor to increasing your ROI. When companies have machines and employees that are working at maximum effectiveness they are able to maximize production. One great way to maximize efficiency is to implement machines that allow fewer workers to do more. These range from packaging machines, to pick and place robotics, to conveyors. Conveyors can increase product flow between machines and reduce worker injury from bending up and down to get product from under machines. With the use of conveyors and other machines companies are able to maximize efficiency and reduce costs increasing their ROI.

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17 Jul 15

Reducing Product Loss

When you need to move product from one conveyor to another that’s often where challenges arise. You could just put the two conveyors as close together as possible and if your product is large enough it will go from one conveyor to the next. However, there’s still the chance of it falling into the gap between the two and damaging product as well as the conveyors. Then there’s the problem if your product is too small to bridge the gap how to get it from one to the other.

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17 Jul 15

Dorner Appoints Dan Nasato as Vice President-International Operations

Dan Nasato has been appointed Vice President – International Operations for Dorner Mfg. Corp. This is a new position created by Dorner with the goal of establishing brand recognition and growing sales to international markets. Nasato brings to Dorner more than 25 years of material handling and global supply chain experience, with expertise in logistics, supply chain management, business development, manufacturing and other related areas..

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13 Jul 15

See Dorner's SmartFlex Helical Curve Conveyor, Other Major Platforms in booth No. C-1847 At PACK EXPO 2015

The SmartFlex Helical Curve display is one of many platforms attendees can see in action in Dorner Mfg’s booth No. C-1847 at PACK EXPO 2015, Sept. 28-30, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas.

The SmartFlex Helical Curve conveyor, based on Dorner’s SmartFlex platform, is unique because it allows for tight turns in either ascending or descending applications. Helical Curve conveyors are derived from the SmartFlex platform, a flexible chain conveyor that reduces costs, saves time and offers simple configuration and acquisition options to Dorner’s customers within the food, medical, life sciences, industrial automation and packaging industries. 

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10 Jul 15

Withstanding the Rigors of Industrial Environments

Manufacturing is a tough environment for machines. The dust, chemicals, and sharp parts found in many manufacturing facilities take their toll on machinery. Often time companies will take the care to maintain and protect the large multi-million dollar machinery in their facilities but forget about keeping up with maintenance on smaller machines, like conveyors. Conveyors serve a variety of functions in the manufacturing process and are invaluable in keeping products moving. They can be used to move scraps or parts out from underneath or in machines, move parts from one machine to another, and more. During these applications conveyors can incur a lot of wear, especially to their belts.

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07 Jul 15

Upgraded Motors Improve Efficiency and Performance for Dorner’s 1100 Series Belted Conveyor Platform

Dorner’s smallest conveyor is getting a big boost in efficiency.

The 1100 Series conveyor platform now comes with two upgraded motor options that are 50 percent more quiet than the previous version, while also being rated for 10,000 hours of operation. For added flexibility, customers can choose between either a fixed or variable speed motor, both of which offer high strength gears to maximize performance with a wide selection of output power.

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06 Jul 15

90 Degree Transfer with Product Stager


For this application, the customer needed to complete a 90 degree transfer without having the product skew. The packages are coming out of a product sealer in batches of three. They are set at a particular width spacing which we matched with specific lane guides on the first conveyor in the system.

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30 Jun 15

Another Successful Trade Show

With EXPO Pack Mexico finished Dorner has wrapped up another successful show. This year’s show had the most international attendees in its history. Over 25,000 people visited the show including attendees from Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, and many other countries, according to PMMIReports[Read More...]

25 Jun 15

Improve Product Transfers without Sacrificing Sanitation


Food processing companies often need to transfer product from one machine to the next. But when a company needs a large sanitary conveyor that can still transfer small items, an innovative solution is needed. This particular transfer unit features small ½” transfers on and off of the conveyor. The facility that this conveyor was built for is a ready-to-eat food manufacturer with a variety of irregularly shaped and sized products.


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18 Jun 15

Belt or Chain, Belt vs. Chain - Not Really...

What makes a belt better than a chain and vice versa? The answer is nothing. Belts are no better than chains, it all depends what your specific needs for your project are and what product you are trying to move. When choosing a belting material these need to be taken into consideration. Each material has pros and cons making them more suitable for some applications rather than others.

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