29 Jun 17

Move Product Around Machinery with a Reverse LPZ Conveyor

A traditional LPZ conveyor is ideal for elevation changes in some facilities, but other times its footprint is too large for what the space allows.

A recent customer faced this problem when they needed to move product between conveyors, but the area wouldn’t work for a regular Z-frame conveyor due to a machine being in the way. 

In order to move the product around the machinery, Dorner developed a 3200 Series Modular Belt LPZ conveyor that reverses direction at the second knuckle. This allowed the product to travel up with the cleats and fall against a ramp that holds them in place on the inverse incline.

Learn more about Dorner’s Engineered Solutions.

Learn more about the 3200 Series Conveyors.


  • Ahmed 142 days ago
    Interesting blog about the product machinery and how it is useful due to advanced technology. I also have an industry in mind who deals in industrial belts blackbelt


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