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25 Oct 16

Sanitary Conveyor System from Dorner Helps Wisconsin Cheese Packer Improve Ergonomics and Packaging Efficiencies

Who knew that a few inches at work could make all the difference?

It may not seem like a lot, but for employees packaging cheese on a tray line at Alpine Slicing & Cheese Conversion, those few inches were noticeable from the repetitive motion of reaching out and grabbing packaged cheese trays. So when it came time to expand its contract packaging services by adding a second tray line, the company was looking for new ideas to improve upon this process…and they found the solution through an adjustable sanitary conveyor system from Dorner Mfg.

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05 Jul 16

Dorner Solves Assembly Automation Challenges in the Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, manufacturing speed, quality and quick change over are key to a successful organization. Recently, a tier 2 automotive manufacturer was using traveling pin boards to manufacture wiring harnesses. This process required workers to walk with the part to accomplish their task then return to their starting point. At the end of the process the part was checked for quality, ensuring a good part. 

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07 Mar 16

Elevate Your Automation with Precision Move Pallet Systems

Dorner’s 2200 Series Precision Move Pallet Systems are innovative, modular, dual belt conveyor pallet systems for assembly automation.

In this application, the pallet system is providing product flow between the customer's machines without the need for operator intervention. The pallets are directed and tracked from machine to machine via unique RFID chips embedded in each pallet. When a pallet reaches a decision point the RFID reader automatically identifies the pallet and directs the pallet to the proper machine and operator location. 
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23 Sep 15

Picking a Winner

Farason Corporation Chooses Dorner Conveyors to Integrate with its Robotic Machine to Successfully Assemble Coin Proof Sets

Pennsylvania-based Farason Corporation specializes in the design and build of custom machinery and systems to for assembly, manufacturing and packaging processes. 

When their engineers were faced with finding an effective way to place several thousand coins into coin presentation cases they stepped up to the challenge. 

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06 Apr 15

Teamwork Helps Sumitomo Streamline Production to Improve Its Small Part Handling Manufacturing

Butt splices aren’t the easiest things in the world to handle. The small, circular component designed to join two ends, or butts, of two objects together without overlapping, have been known to slip through fingers when inserting a wire connector while trying to crimp it.

The process of manufacturing butt splices can be challenging as well. That’s why Sumitomo turned to Smart Engineering Systems, Becker Engineering, Clayton Controls and Dorner Mfg., to streamline and modernize the manufacturing process and achieve greater accuracy in the positioning of splices during production from +/-.02” to +/-.002”.

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02 Feb 15

Fast Growing – Fast Packing…Dorner Helps Monterey Mushrooms Move and Package Thousands of Pounds Each Day

It should come as no surprise that a company with mushroom in its name knows just about everything there is to know about the little tasty fungus. And when it comes to growing them, Monterey Mushrooms has the process down to a science…an exact science that is.

Everyday, thousands of pounds of mushrooms are picked and packaged from Monterey Mushroom’s Loudon, Tennessee, facility, and playing a critical role in that process is a new sanitary conveyor system from Dorner Mfg. With the help of Dorner, Monterey Mushrooms is able to ship product daily throughout the southeastern part of the United States.

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06 Jan 12

Conveyor Solution for Disposal of Lettuce Scraps

On a past project, we installed an AquaPruf® 7400 Series sanitary conveyor at California-based Hollandia Produce. Its mission: move discarded lettuce to a bin for disposal. Sounds easy enough right?

In reality, this is a very demanding environment for any conveyor, much less one that's specifically designed to work in these conditions

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01 Nov 11

Multi-tiered Conveyor System for World-class Contract Manufacturer

In today's fast-paced production facilities, machines move quickly, workers are busier than ever and space is at an absolute premium. That's why Canon recently connected with Dorner.

Canon Virginia, Inc., Newport News, Va., is the American manufacturing facility for Canon - well known around the globe for its copiers, printers and cameras. However, the company is also a world-class contract manufacturer that provides a complete range of individual or turnkey solutions to a wide variety of businesses.

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06 Oct 11

True Story - Effective Conveyor Maintenance Keeps Production Moving


If something can break on a conveyor, Jeff Bonaparte has seen it-and repaired it.

As a maintenance technician at Sussex IM, a custom injection molding manufacturer for a variety of industries located in Sussex, Wis., Bonaparte has literally seen it all when it comes to conveyor maintenance, and picked up a few tips along the way.


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21 Sep 11

Master Lock turns to Dorner for reliable conveyors


Manufacturing thousands of locks every day takes dependable people and precise processes - not to mention reliable equipment. So when Master Lock needs conveyor systems to move shackles, plugs and tumblers through the manufacturing process, Dorner is the perfect fit.

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