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28 Jul 17

Four Uses for a Retracting Tail Conveyor

The capability to retract a conveyor, either manually or pneumatically, can improve system flexibility. The basic design of a retracting tail is a conveyor frame that retracts or extends, typically on slides or rails. 

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21 Mar 16

Dorner’s New Universal Drive Simplifies Motor and Mounting Package Options for 2200 Series Conveyors


Dorner’s new Universal Drive for our 2200 Series low profile end drive belt conveyor platform, features a single part number that covers all speeds, loads and mounting positions.

This new drive technology, developed by Electric Torque Machines (ETM), along with Dorner’s unique mount package is designed to integrate universally across the 2200 Series end drive conveyor line. An advantage the Universal Drive brings to operators is the ability to save time by reducing SKUs and stocked service items into one manageable part number.


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05 Nov 15

Service Videos - Controllers

Do you need assistance with the set-up or operation of your Dorner controller?  We've just added service videos for:

Watch the Basic DC Controller Set-up and Operation below, or head to the Service Videos Page to see the others.

We're also currently working on service videos for our 2200 Series conveyors, so stay tuned!

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21 Aug 15

Precision Move Conveyor Systems

Motors are a vital part of every conveyor. They’re what drives the belt so products get from point A to point B. Traditional motors are great if you’re just moving product down the line and aren’t concerned with product spacing, indexing, or accurate product placement. So what should manufacturers do when their applications call for precise movement?

The answer is to use a Servo driven conveyor. A Servo motor comprises of a power source, motor controller which stores the commands for the motor, a signal amplifier which amplifies the motion signal to the higher levels needed by the motor, the motor which is typically a brushless DC motor, and a feedback device to send the signal back to the controller about the motor position/speed. To ensure accuracy, when the motor moves the encoder sends information to the controller which looks at the data and compares it to the desired data. If it doesn’t match the controller changes the signal to the motor. This happens constantly to ensure that the motor is working the same each time.

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07 Jul 15

Upgraded Motors Improve Efficiency and Performance for Dorner’s 1100 Series Belted Conveyor Platform

Dorner’s smallest conveyor is getting a big boost in efficiency.

The 1100 Series conveyor platform now comes with two upgraded motor options that are 50 percent more quiet than the previous version, while also being rated for 10,000 hours of operation. For added flexibility, customers can choose between either a fixed or variable speed motor, both of which offer high strength gears to maximize performance with a wide selection of output power.

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