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Archive: October 2009

28 Oct 09

Belt Tensioning Methods for Small Package Conveyors

An Introduction:

Small package belt conveyors are used for thousands of applications in countless industrial markets. These conveyors move individual products through processing applications where functions such as forming, molding, machining, gluing and assembly are performed on metal or plastic product. These products then move to packaging applications where they are inserted into their individual package and sealed, wrapped, heat shrunk, or banded before being grouped and loaded into their shipping container. The use of small package belt conveyors for all of the applications presented above has several benefits. 

Typically, these conveyors have end rollers between 1” and 2” in diameter. This allows smooth transfer from process to process for small and often oddly-shaped products. In addition, small package belt conveyors generally have a thin profile and have a tight belt width to overall width ratio. This provides the ability for the conveyor to fit into tight spaces, which maximizes available floor space while minimizing protrusions that may interfere with operators.

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