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Archive: November 2009

06 Nov 09

Conveyor Belting – A Proper Splice Can Make All the Difference

Understanding available options and potential issues will help end users select dependable solution 

Everyone is familiar with the old adage about a chain and its weakest link. Well, when it comes to conveyor belting, that weakest link is typically the splice. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 80 percent of all conveyor belt failures are due to improper splicing. So, why do many suppliers today not pay closer attention to this critical component of overall belt performance and longevity? That’s a good question.

This paper will provide a brief overview of the three most common types of belt splices as well as an inside look at the most prevalent splice failures to help end users select the best option for their specific application. As is often the case, taking a little time up front to learn more about available options and potential pitfalls will lead to a purchase more likely to pay dividends over the lifetime of a belt.

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06 Nov 09

Precision Conveyor Belting – Proper Fit is Critical

Accurate width, length and tension dictate system performance and maintenance


Precision conveyor – it’s a descriptor that fits. After all, replacing a belt on one of these systems is not as easy as it sounds. Unlike with case-handling conveyors, there is little room for error when it comes to precision conveyor belting – it’s literally a game of millimeters. As a result, it is vitally important for end users to select quality belts that fit correctly to ensure their conveyor continues to deliver optimum performance and maximum return-on-investment.

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