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Archive: May 2011

25 May 11

High Friction Belt Conveyor Eliminates Product Backup, Keeps Production Moving


Imagine trying to paint a surface sprinkled in saw dust. Obviously, before completing your first swipe of the brush you'll need to clean the surface so it's smooth and free of debris. This is the type of problem Buhrke Industries was experiencing with a custom part it manufactures for an automotive airbag assembly. Throughout the…

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20 May 11

Flexible Packaing Solution Adapts for Varying Product Sizes for Quick Changeover

Packaging Conveyor Solution

In today's busy production facilities, rapid change is inevitable.  And, nobody can afford a time-consuming changeover.  It's critical for equipment to be flexible and adapt to new processes fast to meet immediate needs. No one knows this better than Delbia Do, Bronx, N.Y., a contract manufacturer of fragrances and flavors for independent perfumers, large cosmetic…

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11 May 11

Internal Bearings, Flat-Side Frame Allows for Side Transfer Conveyor


Recently, a southern California private label dairy plant for a major supermarket retailer came to Dorner with the challenge of creating a side transfer conveyor to transfer small yogurt containers between two conveyors with the smallest gap possible. Since this was a food processing conveyor, the…

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06 May 11

Powered Transfer Reduces Product Loss Between Conveyors

Transferring products between conveyors or machinery can sometimes be a challenge.  Especially, when handling small products on large conveyors since they tend to have large pulleys or end rollers.  There are several solutions to this problem, including static transfer plates, roller transfer plates, and using smaller nose bar tails.Each of these solutions work in… [Read More...]

01 May 11

New West Coast Regional Manager Carlyn Bargemann

Carlyn Bargemann has been appointed new West Coast Regional Manager for Dorner Mfg. Corp. In her new position with us, Carlyn will be working with sales channel partners and key accounts to solve product routing challenges in industrial and sanitary conveyor applications. Carlyn brings a wealth of material handling and packaging experience to Dorner. Previously,… [Read More...]

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