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Archive: July 2012

20 Jul 12

MSD Looks at Achieving Accuracy with Conveying

 In the July issue of Motion System Design, the magazine's editorial staff focused on cutting-edge conveying, including a feature article titled "Achieving Accuracy with Conveying".  The article takes a detailed, in-depth look at how conveyor technology is rising to the challenge of meeting demanding expectations for precise product movement.

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13 Jul 12

Recirculating Table Conveyor System for Packaging


On a recent project, we created a recirculating table made by placing two conveyors side-by-side, with their belts moving in opposite directions, and adding guiding to help the product transfer from one conveyor to the next. This video shows rectangular packages being recirculated at about 40 ft/min. Trays are conveyed to the recirculating table, which acts as a buffering zone to allow time for operators to pick finished product and manually case pack.

Recirculating tables are used often in applications where parts or produc

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