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Archive: April 2013

25 Apr 13

Miniature Conveyors - Efficient Pharmaceutical and Medical Product Handling

The handling of pharmaceutical / medical products and medical product assembly has unique requirements. They are generally very small. They are often made of plastic, very light and can be fragile. Parts and assemblies of this type include vials, RV's, syringes and catheters as can be seen in Figure 1.

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18 Apr 13

NEW 1100 Series: Smallest Belt Conveyor Available

Move Fast. Move Smart. Move Small.

Have to move a small or lightweight product? Have part transfer issues? Have an extremely tight space that requires a conveyor? Dorner Mfg. Corp. has the answer.

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12 Apr 13

Pizza Delivery at 300 Feet Per Minute

Everyone likes their pizza delivered fast, right?!

On a recent project, we were  tasked with providing a conveyor solutions for handling pizza at high speeds.  The pizzas were coming from a wrapping machine in several lanes on stainless steel AquaPruf 7400 Series conveyors and being transferred to a mainline 7400 Series conveyor traveling at speeds of up to 300 feet per minute.

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08 Apr 13

New Ways of Handling Small Parts

Advances in miniature conveyor design holds promise for more effective and efficient handling of small medical and pharmaceutical parts

By Mike Hosch, P.E.

Director of Product Development – Dorner Mfg. Corp.

How do you move something that’s minuscule? It's a question medical and pharmaceutical device manufacturers have been wrestling with for years. Making a miniature component, such as catheters, stents or literally anything else used in the industry isn’t the problem. Rather, it’s properly moving it from one process to the next that’s been challenging.

But those headaches may soon be a thing in the past for designers and engineers as new advances in conveying systems are better addressing the handling of small parts, and eliminating those problematic issues that have plagued companies in their manufacturing processes.

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