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Archive: August 2015

28 Aug 15

V-Guide or Crowned Pulley, Which one is Right for You?

One of the largest issues of belt conveyor maintenance is belt tracking. When belts aren’t running straight on the pulleys it can cause premature wear and damage to the conveyor and belt. There are a lot of factors that can affect belt tracking such as belt splicing, pulley accuracy, or proper belt tensioning. The two most common methods of belt tracking are V-guiding and crowned pulleys.

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26 Aug 15

Controlling Product Flow - Sanitary Pusher

There are many options for controlling product flow on your packaging or processing line. Options such as diverters & gates, lane guiding and pushers all provide different advantages for customers. When you need to move product off the conveyor in a perpendicular flow, a pusher may be your best option. Pushers can also be useful when your product is particularly heavy.

To demonstrate how this application works, we filmed the product pusher moving a tub and weight totaling 195 lbs.
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21 Aug 15

Precision Move Conveyor Systems

Motors are a vital part of every conveyor. They’re what drives the belt so products get from point A to point B. Traditional motors are great if you’re just moving product down the line and aren’t concerned with product spacing, indexing, or accurate product placement. So what should manufacturers do when their applications call for precise movement?

The answer is to use a Servo driven conveyor. A Servo motor comprises of a power source, motor controller which stores the commands for the motor, a signal amplifier which amplifies the motion signal to the higher levels needed by the motor, the motor which is typically a brushless DC motor, and a feedback device to send the signal back to the controller about the motor position/speed. To ensure accuracy, when the motor moves the encoder sends information to the controller which looks at the data and compares it to the desired data. If it doesn’t match the controller changes the signal to the motor. This happens constantly to ensure that the motor is working the same each time.

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18 Aug 15

Moving Along with High-Tech Conveyor Systems

As seen in Machine Design.

July 14, 2015

If we could climb into a time machine and visit manufacturing facilities in the 1950s, we might be surprised at what we'd see in terms of conveyor belts: rather rudimentary conveyors simply moving parts from point A to point B through packaging and assembly (and just two kinds of conveyor belts-dirty and dirtier).

Today, however, manufacturing sites have changed, with conveyors becoming critical components for complex material handling applications, both for packaging and assembly. And engineers have developed a wide variety of belt and conveyor options, each designed for moving, inspecting, and processing specific products.

Recent trends in conveyor design and belting have increased throughput and productivity as systems are being tasked with performing much more diverse functions that their early predecessors.
Backlit conveyors shine light up through translucent belts to give machine vision sensors and inspectors more contrast between the belt and product. Common applications involve parts being stopped directly over the lighted section or continuing through uninterrupted for inspection. The backlit devices are also are well-suited for applications where extra light is needed.

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14 Aug 15

Advanced Distributor Training

Whether you’ve been you been a distributor for a short time or for many years, continuing education about the products you sell is important. Dorner’s Advanced Distributor Training is a multi-day course held at our headquarters meant to give distributors a more in-depth look at applications, new products, industry competition, Dorner sales processes and basic service items. Before taking Dorner’s Advanced Training distributors are required to take the Basic Training which gives distributors a broad overview of Dorner’s products and the services they offer.

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13 Aug 15

Alexandra Slagle is Recipient of the 2015 Richard C. Ryan Packaging Education Scholarship

Alexandra Slagle, a student at Michigan State University, is the recipient of the 2015 Richard C. Ryan Packaging Education Scholarship, funded by Dorner Mfg. Corp. 

This scholarship, awarded to a student enrolled in a two- or four-year program at any of PMMI’s partner schools, was established in honor of Richard Ryan, the former president and CEO of Dorner, who passed away suddenly in September 2012.  Ryan was a member of the PMMI Board of Directors and encouraged lifelong learning. His commitment to education inspired the creation of this memorial scholarship.

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06 Aug 15

Rejecting Questionable Products

Safety is a major concern in the food manufacturing process. Manufactures want to make sure that all the food on their line is safe and not contaminated with metal or other foreign objects. When manufacturers want to make sure they have no metal in their products they use metal detection systems on the conveyor line. Why type of system you choose is totally dependent on your needs and application.

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