Precision Move Pallet Systems - 90 Degree Corner and Merge


  • Requires pin tracking capability in pallet
  • 1 in. (25 mm) of pallet space at side of pins is required using this method
  • 50 lb (22.7 kg) load capacity
  • Maximum speed capacity = 114 ft/min (35 m/min)
  • Maintains product orientation
  • Inside guide is mounted to pneumatic cylinders to transfer pallet around corner
  • Straight guide with pneumatic cylinder is mounted across perpendicular conveyor to guide pallets straight through the merge area
  • 160 mm wide units have no added mini-conveyor
  • 240 mm, 320 mm, 400 mm and 480 mm have a 24VDC mini-conveyor added to drive pallet around the corner
  • Mini-conveyor includes 24V Brushless DC drive motor with controls
    • Allows transfer to two directions if required
    • 100W output, Rated 4 Amps (0.17 Amps under no load)
    • Minimum Belt speed = 20 ft/min
    • Includes 22" long motor to drive cable with connector
    • Requires 24 VDC power and single 24V PNP input to run
  • ​Requires pallet stop for traffic control