Precision Move Pallet Systems - Lift and Transfer Module


  • Dual strand timing belt conveyors mounted to a Pneumatic lift 
  • Changes product orientation at 90 degree corner 
  • 50 lbs load capacity 
  • No belt height change or guide cutting required. Pallet transfers over conveyor high side. 
  • Includes 24V Brushless DC drive motors with controls 
    • Allows transfer to two directions if required 
    • 100W output, Rated 4 Amps (0.17 Amps under no load) 
    • Minimum Belt speed = 20 ft/min 
    • Includes 22" long motor to drive cable with connector 
    • Requires 24VDC power and single 24V PNP input to run
  • Optional transfer end blade stop available for traffic control
  • Includes 4 mm sensor mounting track on lift cylinder
  • Order pallet sensor bracket separately
  • Optional guarding package