Flexible Packaging Solutions

Flexible PackagingDorner’s industry leading product handling conveyor platforms are ideal for flexible packaging solutions. The conveyors can be engineered or configured to aid in the creation and efficiency of packaging lines manufacturing products in flexible packages. These packages are made of soft or flexible material in the form of a bag or pouch creating unique handling opportunities. Illustrated are solutions for handling flexible packaging efficiently for orientation, rotation, standing up, laying down, 90 degree transfer, and elevation. Some applications usages are inspection, bar code reading, labeling, orientating, and settling.  Flexible Packaging Brochure - Product Info

Precision Move - Timing Belt

Timing Belt

Whether your application is using timing belt technology for a component of a larger system or a complete solution, this
offering provides the flexibility needed. Dorner offers a simple yet versatile pallet attachment system, the widest width
possible with one belt, the complete integration with servo motors and drives, and package performance specifications. Precision Move Brochure - Whitepaper



iDrive merges advanced drive and control technologies with the compact design of the 2200 Series by integrating the motor,  gearbox and motor controller into a single, space saving package. Dorner has literally redefined the application footprint for small product conveyors. The groundbreaking iDrive feature is ideal for a variety of packaging and industrial applications where space is tight or additional room is needed around the conveyor. Capable of widths as narrow as 3 inches and lengths as long as 12 feet with speeds up to 100 feet-per-minute.  iDrive Brochure - Product Info


Edrive: Technically Advanced Power Transmission

eDrive incorporates the latest advancements in aluminum based gear heads and motor technologies providing the quality and performance customers demand including 2 year warranty on all gear heads.

eDriveeDrIve Features:

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Reduced  Weight & Size
  • Reduced Operating Temperatures

eDrive Brochure


Power Transfer

Finally, a belted transfer in a compact space saving design. The powered transfer incorporates precision timing belts for consistent tracking and speed; plus maintenance free operation. Timing belts smoothly travel over ½” nosebars for ease of product transfer. The innovative transfer module can be added to the 7350 Series conveyors or ordered as an individual conveyor. Powered Transfer

  • Smoothly Transfer Parts Smaller than 2”
  • Maintain Product Speed Through Transfer
  • Compact, Space Saving Design with Minimal Length Added 

Power Transfer Brochure


Dorner's fabric belts incorporate v-guides on the underside of the belt.  The v-guide is a belt tracking method used to keep the belt running straight and true on the end rollers and the conveyor frame.  V-Guide

Advantages of V-guided Belt Tracking:

  • Provides belt tracking throughout the length of the conveyor bed.  
  • Tight frame width to belt width dimensions can be held.
  • Very robust tracking method. A V-guided belt riding in a V-grooved roller is a positive engagement system. 
  • Multiple traction surface options such as lagging, knurling or grooving.
  • Straight roller provides consistent transfer for small or odd shaped product. 

 Rack and Pinion  Rack & Pinion

Dorner's belted conveyors (2200 & 3200) have rack and pinion tension systems for faster belt change and access to the   conveyor.  This is accomplished by incorporating a rack and pinion device into the conveyor frame. Two racks are slide-ably mounted to the conveyor frame. Turning the pinion shaft then pushes on the bearing blocks to move the roller and add belt tension. The pinion runs the full width of the frame and contacts both racks, which moves the bearing blocks evenly and parallel while turning from a single point.


Adjustable LPZ

The LPZ Series is a line of conveyors engineered to be flexible.  These conveyors are available in a horizontal to an incline, z-frame, or a nose-over.  Critical flexibility is engineered into the LPZ's adjustable knuckle which allows the offering to adjust angles from 25 to 60 degrees. Product Info


 Adjustable Angles  LPZ Image


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