Engineered Solutions Going Beyond the Conveyor

Dorner’s engineered solutions group recently had a project that handled a popular snack food.  This product needed to be routed from a fryer to the packaging equipment.  During this process, there were three different coatings that needed to be applied, each on a different line.  One of the coatings required reheating the product in order for the coating to adhere.
 heat tunnel on a stainless steel conveyor with wire belting

To reheat this product, Dorner custom engineered a heat tunnel on a stainless steel conveyor with wire belting.  The heat tunnel was complete with an infrared heating element, thermal sensors, HMI for heat adjustment and a variable speed controller for changes in the volume required.

The heat tunnel was a ceiling supported decline that warmed up the product.  The result provided the correct temperature product to the coating process and helped to deliver the tasty treats.