Members of Dorner Asia Spend Fun Filled Afternoon with Residents of PKIPPP


Members of Dorner Asia and the residents of the Penang Handicapped Welfare Association recently shared an afternoon full of laughter, lunch, and fun. The intent of the trip was to put a smile on the face of each of the 25 Penang Handicapped Welfare Association residents. Those at Dorner Asia referred to it as a great experience, and they were glad they could lend a helping hand.

PKIPPP’s (Pertubuhan Kebajikan Insan Penyayang Pulau Pinang) mission is to adopt and take care of those who are mentally challenged and physically handicapped irrespective of race and religion. PKIPPP is a voluntary, non-profit organization under public donation. They entirely depend on donations from various non-government associations, companies, and individuals. The center provides shelter, food, clothes, and courses to help residents learn how to navigate daily living activities. PKIPPP also works to further educate residents on their special ability so they will be able to live independently in the future.  Dorner encourages you to learn more about PKIPPP at


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