“Best Conveyors Ever”

, “Best Conveyors Ever”

Dorner was featured in an article in the October Issue of Packaging World which highlighted Ferrara Candy Co., Inc.  Ferrara was able to achieve greater manufacturing efficiencies by reorganizing certain operations.

Part of this reorganization involved the use of Dorner Conveyors that move pouched candy.  Wendall Davis, Project Manager/Packaging Engineer for Ferrera, says of Dorner, “Dorner makes the best conveyors ever. And I get parts, service, anything I need in 24 hours or less. And then there’s the reliability they bring. Look at these conveyors. Two years of sticky, oily, sugary products and I haven’t had to change out a single belt. We know from experience that the same cannot be said about all conveyors that are available out there.”

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