Conveyor Solutions: Consistent Recirculation and Singulation

, Conveyor Solutions: Consistent Recirculation and Singulation

When it becomes necessary to design better conveyor solutions for products that are to accumulate in a specific area of a production line, a buffer can be very useful to help prevent shutting down the line or wasting product.  No facility manager wants products to resemble thousands of lemmings going over the precipice of destruction. Recirculation conveyors which suit the requirements of the application can be simple.

A properly designed system will run unattended and not allow for products to jam. Recirculation conveyors will also be able to keep pace with the production line. The guiding can fit the product size to continuously singulate by allowing one row of product to feed out of the buffer conveyor.  And, no electronic controls are needed. Various configurations can be made, with the ends of the conveyor belts being either in line or offset.

The buffer conveyor can easily be moved to another location in the production line, or to another line altogether.  High part rates are obtainable for a variety of products. Dorner has multiple platforms of conveyors that can be used for recirculation and singulation.  Conveyors can be fitted with required guides and used in applications ranging from industrial factories all the way up to food plants with the highest sanitation.