Dorner Participates in Paranet Factory Crawl 2016

Dorner was one of three Paranet Member Companies featured on this year’s Paranet Factory Crawl. On Thursday, September 8th, 56 Paranet Group members and a group of Paranet personnel visited Dorner and two other companies – Dicten Maasch Plastics and Briggs & Stratton. Dorner was the second company the group visited during the day-long tour event.

Paranet personnel view Dorner new technology at Paranet Factory Crawl

The Paranet Factory Crawl allows companies to share operational techniques and best practices with other Paranet members, as well as provide feedback for the companies hosting the visits. During the tour, we had the opportunity to highlight several of Dorner’s new product displays and showcase the development of our inside sales teams.

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