PACK EXPO 2016 – Booth Preview Part Two

, PACK EXPO 2016 – Booth Preview Part Two

Leading up to PACK EXPO International this year, we’re doing a four-part preview of Booth N-5945. If you missed Part One you can read it here.

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Today we are highlighting two of our conveyor loop displays, the 1100 Series display and 2200 Series SmartFlex & 3200 Series Modular Belt display.

1100 Series Conveyor

The 1100 Series miniature belt conveyors are our smallest conveyors, and at ¾” frame height, they have the lowest profile in North America.

These conveyors are designed for small or lightweight part handling and can easily fit inside machinery or other equipment.

The 1100 Series is Class 100 cleanroom certified, which makes them ideal for use in medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Features of the display include :

  • End transfers
  • Side Transfers
  • Backlit conveyor
  • Accumulation
  • A variety of widths

Plastic Chain Loop

 2200 Series SmartFlex and 3200 Series Modular Belt conveyor loop

Another item we are sending to the show this year is our 2200 Series SmartFlex and 3200 Series Modular Belt conveyor loop. The SmartFlex portion features two of the expanded capabilities added to the SmartFlex line last year.

SmartFlex Alpine

SmartFlex Alpine Conveyor

  • Used for inclines and declines in tight spaces
  • Provides capability for vertical incline with minimal floor space
  • Can be used for accumulating, buffering and cooling product between processes or machines

SmartFlex Spiral

SmartFlex Spiral Conveyor

  • Simple, low-cost spiral for small parts handling
  • Reduces conveyor footprint which saves valuable floor space
  • Allows for incline or decline through corners and straights

3200 Series Modular Belt

With a sleek design, heavy load and high-speed capabilities, and the option for up to 4 curves on a single conveyor, it’s the perfect combination of functionality and flexibility.

3200 Series Modular Belt


  • High speeds up to 400 ft/min
  • True low-side conveyor
  • Optional powered transfer allows for smooth end transfers for products as small as 3″ in diameter