Change Conveyor Configurations Without Starting Over

, Change Conveyor Configurations Without Starting Over

Sometimes starting over is good, but not when designing your conveyor system.

Dorner has improved the functionality of its Dorner Tools (DTools) conveyor productivity applications to allow users to save time by being able to change or copy any previous conveyor configuration in DCAD and DConfig.

The real advantage is that users don’t have to start over. Previously if a conveyor configuration needed to be changed, the user had to start over and re-input all information. Those days are over, thanks to the new copy and modify the function in DTools. What the new enhancements to DTools mean to users is:

  • No more clicking through questions just to change the belt size or style
  • No more having to completely rebuild all the conveyors on your list when they’re all the same except for their lengths

Here’s how to change a configuration:

  • Go to the Request in Process tab and select the previous work you want to modify from the drop down list
  • Click the Copy and Modify button
  • Modify, Copy and Remove buttons will appear on each package or individual item on the list
    • Click Copy to add a copy of the item to the list
    • Click Remove to delete the item
    • Click Modify to make any change to the item
  • Then click the gears icon for any feature you want to change. You can make more changes in the next step
  • Once the item is opened for changes, you can change any feature just like you could when you first created it
  • At this point, you can choose to completely replace the original item in the list or add the modified version as an addition

When you’re done, click the Create button –  that’s it

Click Here to access D-Tools