Dorner Application Story – Accumulation Transfers

, Dorner Application Story – Accumulation Transfers


In this CD and DVD duplication facility, spindles of product manufactured in a clean room are carried out to a packaging area. The application required:

  • Smooth and controlled accumulation
  • Reliable 90° transfer
  • A clean-room conveyor with minimal
    particle generation
  • Tight packaging to fit close to a wall and
    not obstruct space
  • Unattended operation at the outlet end

CDs and DVDs on 3200 and MPB Series conveyors

– Solution

Dorner’s 3200 and MPB Series conveyors are linked and run in an indexing mode, only turning when a spindle placed on the upstream conveyor breaks a photo eye. After the spindle transfers from the first conveyor (3200 Series) to the second (MPB Series), the photo eye clears. A time delay feature in the photo eye keeps the conveyor running for several seconds, allowing the spindle to reach the outlet end of the second conveyor. To prevent spindles from falling over at the far end, the controller is programmed to avoid jarring stops by slowly decelerating each spindle. The 3200 Series conveyor uses a one-inch diameter transfer tail as it butts up to the MPB Series conveyor. The small diameter spindle easily transfers a loaded CD/DVD spindle to the second conveyor. Adjustable guiding enhances the smoothness of the transition.


The smooth operation and quality materials of Dorner conveyors helped this customer achieve their goals of smooth accumulation, minimal particle generation, worry-free 90° transfer, small space utilization, and unattended operation.