Double the Capacity with Take-away Conveyors

, Double the Capacity with Take-away Conveyors

Dorner recently had a customer that wanted to improve the efficiency of a packaging line.  Previously, the set-up had one line moving towards a wrapper. Dorner was able to work with the customer to develop a set-up that allowed two people to move product to the one machine, doubling the capacity.

This is a takeaway conveyor from a hand-pack station.  Each set of roller conveyors are hand fed a carton full of properly weighed and filled produce.  This design allows for two workers to feed into one wrapper, which increases the throughput for the wrapper.  The conveyor is a 7400 AquaPruf wash-down conveyor, ideal for sanitary environments.

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7400 AquaPruf wash-down conveyor

7400 AquaPruf wash-down conveyor