NEW CAD Configurator on DTools Site

, NEW CAD Configurator on DTools Site

Build Complete Conveyor Assemblies to Exact Specifications

Dorner Manufacturing’s new CAD Configurator, “DCAD“, is an intuitive 2D and 3D CAD platform that allows users to build complete conveyor assemblies to their exact layout dimensions.  The CAD tool is an industry first, providing the download of a single CAD model of the complete assembled conveyor, dramatically saving the time spent matching up individual files.  Your CAD output is available in a variety of CAD formats and interactive 3D PDF.

The DCAD models are pre-engineered and uses conveyor logic to only place applicable matching conveyor components together; if a system can?t be designed and built for actual use, the Configurator will not design it. This intuitive feature saves you time by alerting you of an erroneous design, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments before proceeding.

When the design is complete, you’ll receive part numbers and detailed descriptions of all the components in the build, information to receive a quote, along with the CAD and 3D PDF files.

Features of the new Configurator includes:

  • Eliminates design time spent assembling separate CAD models
  • Improved accuracy of 3D CAD models
  • Provides 3D PDF files for visualization by non-CAD users
  • Download the exact conveyor assembly to specific layout dimensions
  • CAD requests emailed in minutes
  • Available on 2200, 3200 and 5200 Series conveyors (other conveyor platforms will be added in the coming months)