No Cheese Left Behind

No Cheese Conveyor


  • Challenge:  The conveyor system would have to be broken into multiple conveyors in order to handle the heavy product load (~420 lbs)
  • Solution:  Anytime multiple conveyors are used, you must have to take into account the transfer points between the conveyors.  To keep the transfers tight, a solid urethane positive drive belt with internal aramid tension members was chosen.  This belt has limited stretch, can be run under tension, and is capable of going around a 1.9″ diameter transfer tail.
  • Challenge:  Conveyors would have to be bidirectional to handle both raw and bagged cheese blocks
  • Solution:  The conveyor belt was driven by the proven 7600 Series AquaPruf ULTIMATE bidirectional. center drive module with 20-tooth drive sprockets.
  • Challenge:  Minimize product loss when conveying raw, unbagged 40 lb blocks of cheese from cheese towers to an auger system
  • Solution:  A troughed guide profile was developed to provide the customer with a troughed belt cross section, which stopped loose cheese curds from falling off the sides of the conveyor belt, reducing product loss.

two inline sanitary food grade conveyors












The cheese tower span was covered using two inline sanitary food grade conveyors, achieving their designed maximum load capacity of 10 cheese blocks (or 420 lbs) while running in either direction.

Product loss at the conveyor-to-conveyor transfer was greatly limited by providing a 1.9″ diameter, solid stainless steel idler pulley on each idler tail.

UHMW troughing guides were provided to trough both belt edges providing the customer with a conveying system that captured most all loose product on the conveyor belt.  Straight guides were also provided to replace the troughed set when conveying packaged cheese blocks.  The troughed guides and straight guides could be swapped out without the use of any tools, making the changeover fast, easy and sanitary.