Improve Product Transfers without Sacrificing Sanitation

, Improve Product Transfers without Sacrificing Sanitation


Food processing companies often need to transfer product from one machine to the next. But when a company needs a large sanitary conveyor that can still transfer small items, an innovative solution is needed. This particular transfer unit features small ½” transfers on and off of the conveyor. The facility that this conveyor was built for is a ready-to-eat food manufacturer with a variety of irregularly shaped and sized products.

½” transfers on and off of the sanitary conveyor


The conveyors, including the small transfer conveyor, require frequent high-pressure wash downs.  This meant Dorner’s Engineered Solutions Group needed to develop a transfer conveyor that had the same level of sanitary design as the AquaPruf 7600 ULTIMATE conveyor – the main assembly conveyor of the operation.


AquaPruf ULTIMATE sanitary conveyor

The AquaPruf ULTIMATE is the market leader in sanitary design and carries a USDA accepted equipment certification.  The open and hygienic design makes the sanitation process fast and effective, with access to the inside of the conveyor available in only seconds.

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