Only one week left until PACK EXPO East!

, Only one week left until PACK EXPO East!

The first ever PACK EXPO East starts in just one week!  PACK EXPO East brings everything you love about PACK EXPO to the East Coast.  

Stop by Dorner’s Booth #401 from February 16-18, 2015 to learn more about our conveyors.

Here are some of the demos we will be bringing to the show:

1100 Series Conveyor

The 1100 Series Conveyor comes with several engineering designs for optimal performance in small part handling. The belt conveyor has a 5/8” roller transfer tail for accurate and efficient small part end transfers; the conveyor belt is nearly flush with the frame for ease of side transfers, and patent-pending pinch drive allows for 15-pound load without the need for high belt tension.

3200 Series Conveyors

Last month we released our Next Generation 3200 Series Conveyor.  The 3200 Series is available in our Belted, Modular Belt, and Precision Move models.

Next Generation 3200 Series Conveyor

The new design has a variety of added features including:

  • Flat side tail design for ease of machine interface
  • Added belt option
  • Improved guiding options
  • Added options for cleated conveyors
  • Stronger frame joints
  • Integrated channel way
  • And More!

Container on top of Next Generation 3200 Series Conveyor

We look forward to seeing you next week!