Idler Tail Kit 50% off

When you purchase the driver tail kit

, Idler Tail Kit 50% Off

Use Code TAIL1220

Promo code must be referenced at time of purchase for discount to apply

Parts Maintenance During COVID-19

With many uncertainties during this time it is difficult to plan for all changes. Dorner Service recommends the following to minimize downtime and keep production going:

Conveyor Maintenance – Maximize the life of your conveyors by keeping parts maintained. We recommend regular maintenance such as regular inspection and cleaning of belts.

Recommended Spares – Order parts in advance so you’re well prepared for any maintenance shut-downs or mishaps during the holiday season.

Technical Support – With on-site service visits looking different due to COVID-19 Dorner has adjusted on-site service visits to follow social distancing guidelines. Service video calls are also available when applicable!

Learn more about Dorner’s Preventative Maintenance Program.

Discount FAQ

For more information, submit the contact form or contact your Dorner Channel Partner for more information. Dorner will assign the the additional discount when the promo-code is referenced on the purchase order.
The discount includes all standard aftermarket driver and idler tail kits or assemblies. It does not include ETO drive tail or idler tail kits. Discount only applies to kits and assemblies on the same order. The promotion applies to standard driver and idler tail kits during the promotion period. The additional discount is not to be applied to other products. Promotion applies towards driver and idler tail kits when purchased as a spare with a new conveyor or purchased for an existing conveyor. 
This offer is extended to all authorized Dorner channels in North America (US, Canada, and Mexico). Code TAIL1220 must be referenced at time of purchase to receive discount. If the code is not referenced, Dorner will not automatically include the discount.
The promotion starts on Tuesday, December 1 and continues through Wednesday, December 30. The added discount will not be applied to any orders received after . There is no limit on how many parts the customer can purchase, but all parts must ship by January 15, 2021. The added discount is a promotion and not intended to replace current discounts and should not be recognized or suggested as a permanent price structure after 12/30/2020.

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Use Code EXDIS20 when purchasing parts and accessories to receive 5% off $500+, 10% off $1,000+, and 15% off $1,500+.

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