2200 XL

Benefits of the 2200 XL

Featuring an increased maximum width, the 2200 XL is designed for AGV/AMR and other material handling applications. The lightweight aluminum frame design also allows this conveyor to carry a heavier payload without weighing down the AGV/AMR.

The 2200 XL conveyor includes v-guiding and precision belt tracking to eliminate belt sway, even when the conveyor is wider than it is long. The increased width and low profile mounting allows for AGV/AMRs to dock sideways instead of end to end. 

Additional Benefits:

  • Width increase from 24″ to 36″ available in 2″ increments
  • Same stands, conveyor guiding, and components as regular 2200
  • Similar mount packages as regular 2200
  • Integrated motor inside conveyor creates clean sides and maximizes belt coverage
, New 2200 XL Conveyor
2200 XL mounted on AGV/AMR


Flat Belt: End Drive & Mid Drive

  • Widths from 10in-36in in 2 inch increments
  • Lengths from 2ft-18ft
  • 2.4in roller diameters with 5/8in nose bar option to handle smaller packages
  • Loads up to 120 lbs
  • Speeds up to 600ft/min

Flat Belt: iDrive

  • Continuous Duty Motor
  • 24 Volt DC gearmotor easily powered by battery
  • Length from 2ft-10ft
  • Width from 10in-36in in 2in increments
  • 2.4in roller diameters
  • Loads up to 120 lbs

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