The latest addition to our line of pallet and tray handling conveyors. It packs the same precision and re-configurability as the ERT250, but with a smaller footprint.

  • Clean, open roller design provides efficient, non-contact zoning for small to medium load assembly applications
  • Versatile and durable low back pressure platform for non-contact zoning and/or slip roller accumulation capability
  • Ideal for medical products, medical devices, electronics, and industrial product assembly and manufacturing
  • ISO Class 4 approved for cleanroom applications

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  • Widths: 80 mm to 320 mm wide in 40 mm increments
  • 24 mm diameter rollers on 32 mm centers
  • Driven and Slip rollers
  • Reversible
  • Up to 18 kg (40 lbs.) per pallet
  • Up to 37 m/min
  • Brushless 24V DC gearmotors and controllers


  • Pallets in a variety of standard sizes
  • Pallet stops and pallet pushers
  • Lift and Locate stations
  • Lift and Transfer stations
  • Lift and Rotate stations
  • Up to 4-way turn and transfer

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