GES-25-RMK Flach Förderband

The stainless steel knife edge conveyor belt GES-25-RMK optimizes the transport of very small parts. Due to the small diameter of the pulley of only 8 mm, it can be handed over or taken over. The rolling knife edge also ensures a smooth transfer, because the cargo is transported in the correct position.

The GES-25-RMK is, like all stainless steel conveyor belts from our company, completely made of stainless steel. This makes it ideal for use in the food industry or in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The strict requirements for cleanliness and hygiene prevail here are met very well.

The patented hygiene technology CleanTec ensures that no dirt can settle on the adjusting mechanism of the drive and deflection rollers, since all moving parts and open threads are mounted inside the conveyor belt.

Shown above is the GES-25-RMK with a column stand in H-shape made of stainless steel. This stand is also available in a mobile version with total stop safety wheels. For longer versions, the GES-25-RMK can also be equipped with stainless steel double stands, as shown on the GES-25.

Technische Daten und Zubehör

Belt widths:
50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 and 400 mm.

Center distance / length:
500 to 6,000 mm. All intermediate lengths are possible.

Antrieb (konstante Bandgeschwindigkeit):
v = ca. 4,0 / 7,3 / 11,0 / 14,7 / 22,0 oder 31,4  m/min.
Andere Bandgeschwindigkeiten auf Anfrage. Anschluß für 220/240 – 380/415 V, 50 Hz. Schutzart IP 65. Dieser Antrieb kann anschlußsteckerfertig mit einem Motorschutzschalter inkl. Not-Aus und einer 2 Meter langen Netzleitung mit CEE-Stecker geliefert werden. Schutzart IP 65.

Antrieb (stufenlose Regelung der Bandgeschwindigkeit):
v = ca. 1,6-5,6 / 2,9-10,3 / 4,4-15,4 / 5,9-20,5 / 8,8-30,8 oder 12,6-44,0  m/min.
Andere Bandgeschwindigkeiten auf Anfrage. Die Lieferung erfolgt mit einem angeschlossenen digitalen Frequenzregler, anschlußsteckerfertig für 230 V, 50 Hz. Schutzart IP 65.

Geared motor
arrangement : The geared motor can be arranged pulling to the side, to the left or to the right and rotated in steps of 90 °.

Total belt
load : standard 20 kg. Higher weights possible after consultation.