OneMotion – Mag Drive Motors: The Perfect Companion for AquaPruf Conveyors

mag-drive motor cad

Dorner partners with many organizations to bring top-of-the-line conveyance products and systems to our customers. In this series, we’re highlighting our manufacturing partners and the products they provide that help create complete systems for industries such as package, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and more.

OneMotion’s Magnetic-Drive Motor

As energy costs continue to rise, it’s more important than ever for every industry to look at their power consumption and opt for energy-efficient practices. This can be particularly challenging for packaging facilities that run conveyor systems round the clock and require a significant amount of electric power to keep their conveyor belts running.

OneMotion is solving these issues with their innovative magnetic-drive motor. These motors have been shown to reduce power consumption by as much as 55% percent where geared motors are traditionally used.

The mag-drive requires less energy to run at a higher output because it is completely gearless! Utilizing specially designed magnetic arrays, One Motion has created a conveyor direct drive system that uses minimal rotating parts, cutting down on energy loss through gear motion transfer.

We have included OneMotion’s mag-drive motor as an option on our newest AquaPruf design. At Dorner, this new option is called out as the iDrive2. The inclusion of this innovative motor is both for the decreased energy consumption, as well as the improved sanitary conditions this motor provides. Without the use of multiple moving parts, the motorized roller is completely oil-free and eliminates the risk of oil leaking onto the belt and contaminating product. The outer cut shell of the roller is also made from one piece, reducing the number of cracks for food particles and bacteria to get stuck.

The use of the iDrive2 mag-drive roller slims the AquaPruf’s footprint, saving valuable space and eliminating the need to navigate around the traditional side-mounted motor and gearbox.

Mag-Drive Features & Benefits

  • IP65 and IP69k certified
  • 43% more efficient than drum motors
  • 55% more efficient than traditional motor and gearbox systems
  • Precision start and stop ability
  • Gearless, oil-free drive
  • Solid cut shell improving sanitation
  • Multi-drive options available

We are proud to partner with OneMotion to add top-of-the-line magnetic-drive motors to our conveyor systems. It is through this teamwork and mutual dedication to our customers that we can provide exceptional products and services to every industry. Find out more about the redesigned AquaPruf sanitary conveyor system here and contact us for a quote to include the iDrive2 in your system.