Conveyor Accuracy


A key component to the success of your application is the accuracy of your conveyor system. As automation and robotics are playing a large role in manufacturing and packaging, it’s critical that your conveyor belt is tracking properly. 


Belt Tracking and Conveyor Accuracy

What’s Inside?

Belt tracking and conveyor accuracy greatly influences your overall efficiency and productivity. Many processes, such as labeling, printing, robotic pick-and-place and indexing depend on a product being in an exact location and position on a conveyor for a successful engagement. 

Learn more about how these conveyor components can greatly affect your conveyor’s tracking and accuracy:

  • Knurled Pulleys vs Crowned Rollers
  • Precision Move Conveyors
  • Side-to-Side Belt Movement

Dorner's Industry-Leading Precision Conveyors

2200 Series Conveyors

Low maintenance, high performance 2200 Series conveyors are designed specifically to improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase accuracy.

Precision Move Platform

Precision Move conveyors provide greater product control and capacity to automated applications. Unique tracking of the belt ensures no belt slippage.

Pallet System Solutions

Simplify product flow and control with pallet system features such as a unique pin tracking system, industry compatible pallet sizes and innovative modules.

See Precision Conveyors in Action

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