A Guide to Boosting Overall Equipment Effectiveness with Sanitary Built Conveyor

How do you calculate the effectiveness of your equipment?

Calculating your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is especially important in food production facilities, where a large amount of production time and resources is spent on ensuring the facility and equipment are properly sanitized. Here, every second counts towards productivity, so it’s vital to optimize each piece of equipment to make sure it’s maintaining the highest efficiency, product quality, and throughput possible. To calculate your OEE carefully consider these three factors:


What percentage of time during production hours is the piece of equipment available? This should not include any stop time.


What throughput speed is the equipment capable of, and of that top speed, what percentage is it typically running in your production line?


What percentage of salable products does the machine process?

Availability x Performance x Quality = OEE

What's in the eBook?

Discover key strategies and solutions to improving OEE while managing the unique challenges of your food processing operation.

In our comprehensive ebook, we delve into the three critical aspects of improving equipment efficiency:

  1. Machine Availability
  2. Performance
  3. Product Quality

We’ll take a look at how each of these elements affects your production line, and how to optimize them through precision conveyance integration.


Learn how conveyors can revolutionize your food processing operations, enhance product quality, streamline processes, and drive success in an industry that demands precision and adherence to global regulations. 

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