Merging and Laning System for Sauce Packaging

, Merging and Laning System for Sauce Packaging


Often during the packaging process, product needs to be either merged or separated into separate lanes as it moves between equipment and to the end of the line. Companies come to Dorner to find a solution for these needs.

Recently, Dorner worked with a company that needed to group sauce cups so that they could be packaged into a carton.


The system that Dorner created was receiving the sauce cups from two filling/capping machines, at a rate of about 40-50 cups per minute. The two product streams were then combined into one using chicane guiding.

Once the streams had been singulated, a pneumatic arm then routes the cups into 5 separate lanes. After 20 cups, or a 5 x 4 pattern reaches the end of the conveyor, a stop actuates and halts the flow of the cups.

From there, a robot picks up the 20 cups and places them into a large carton. Each carton will hold 5 layers of cups, 100 total. After the robot is finished, the stop is released and the pattern filled again.

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