Engineered Solutions

Belt-Over-Belt Conveyors

There are some applications, such as moving flexible pouches, where cleated conveyors don’t work as well for incline movement. Flexible pouches tend to be more delicate and if the pouch lands incorrectly on a cleat, the bag could rip, leading to costly downtime to clean the conveyor as well as product loss. This is also the case with unevenly shaped, softer products that could easily be damaged by a cleat.

The best solution for these types of applications is a belt over belt conveyor. This design involves two flexible polyurethane belts that are oriented over the top of each other. As the product moves into position, it is gripped between the twin conveyor belts which creates a pocket to securely convey the product up or down. This method not only helps to reduce product loss, it also saves floor space while maintaining product orientation and spacing.