Engineered Solutions

Flippers & Rotators

  • Rotate product 90 degrees with two belts moving at different speeds.

90 Degree Rotators

When dealing with limited space, some applications require extremely flexible solutions. Rotators and Flippers are ideal for applications where a curve conveyor would require too much space, or when you want to change the orientation of the product.

90 Degree Rotators take product from the infeed conveyor, rotate it 90 degrees and then the conveyor off loads the product onto the outfeed conveyor and rotates back into place to wait for the next product.

These systems can also be designed to rotate 180 or 270 degrees.


Flippers are designed to take an incoming product and flip it upside down on the line. Applications include sealing, labeling, or simply preparing the product for packaging.

We can apply Rotators and Flippers to both our sanitary and industrial conveyor platforms.

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