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Lift Gate Conveyors

  • Magnetic Transfer Conveyor with Lift Gate
  • SmartFlex Lift Gate Conveyor
  • A narrow conveyor with a lift gate in a down position for operation.
  • A conveyor lift gate raised for easy access and safety.
  • A lift gate conveyor from Dorner displaying its range of motion for safe, efficient mobility.
  • A custom-engineered lift gate conveyor with its gate raised for access.
  • A custom-engineered solution featuring SmartFlex lift gate conveyor.
Provide safe, quick access to essential equipment without disrupting the flow of your operation with the integration of a Dorner lift gate conveyor system.

Creating Safe and Fast Walk-Thru Access to Maximize Usable Space With Lift Conveyors

A woman in a blue utility suit and a yellow hard hat assesses the safety of her operation.

Most factory and warehouse floors are not able to be used to their fullest potential due to the need for aisles down the middle for access. This can result in lost time and money as workers have to walk long distances to retrieve or deposit materials. Workers may also risk injury if they reach over active conveyors to avoid circumnavigating the machinery.

Lift gate conveyors can be used to create safe and fast walk-thru access in order to maximize usable space. By adding a lift gate to a conveyor, workers can easily and safely walk through the middle of the conveyor, saving time and preventing the risk of injury.

Read more about how Dorner lift gate conveyors are the perfect solution for safety and functionality. 

What is a Lift Gate?

A lift gate is a conveyor that can be raised or lowered in order to allow access to an area that would otherwise be difficult to access; when integrated into a conveyor system, a lift gate makes it easy and safe to navigate the facility without wasting time, allowing workers to easily walk through the middle of the conveyor without having to walk long distances around it.

How Do Lift Gate Conveyors Work?

Dorner conveyor lift gates are designed with optimal functionality and worker safety in mind. Built to operate almost like a drawbridge, Dorner lift gates use gas-spring assistance to effectively raise and lower the gate. 

Lift gate control is easy for workers, as we are committed to the highest standards of safety. We have prioritized achieving the perfect balance in the gas-springs to ensure safe, consistent operation, which prevents damage to the conveyor and promotes worker safety. When the gate is lowered, the conveyor will return to its normal operation, reducing delays.

A custom-engineered solution featuring SmartFlex lift gate conveyor which partially pivots the gate.

How Integrating Dorner Lift Gate Conveyors Improve Line Access and Boost Productivity

Dorner’s lift gate conveyors are designed to boost productivity and improve worker safety in your facility. By integrating a Dorner lift gate conveyor into your system, you can easily and safely walk through the conveyor without needing to shut it down completely or navigate around it.

Product Flow

Optimizing product flow can be a challenge when it comes to factory and warehouse layouts. Often, product needs to be stored in certain areas or moved to different parts of the facility for further processing, which can be a costly practice that creates bottlenecks in the system.

Lift gate conveyors can help improve product flow by allowing workers to easily and safely access their work areas, which can help improve productivity and reduce downtime in your facility. Integrating lift gates can also be useful in managing the accumulation of products, and planning the layout of your facility accordingly can help you better maximize the use of your space. 

Efficient Mobility

Lift gate conveyors can also help improve the efficiency of your facility’s layout by allowing workers to easily and safely move around conveyors, reducing traffic jams and congestion in your facility, which can lead to improved productivity and decreased downtime.

The integration of lift gates is also beneficial in areas where workers and large machinery, like forklifts, need to move between lines. With a lift gate conveyor, you can streamline mobility and make it easier for your workers to do their jobs.

The use of lift gate conveyors also minimizes the need for crossovers and catwalks, limiting the amount of ground workers have to cover and making the facility easier to navigate. 

Operator Safety

Operator safety is always a top priority in any facility. By integrating a Dorner lift gate conveyor into your existing conveyor system, you can help improve operator safety by reducing the need for workers to reach over the conveyor or navigate around it, reducing the risk of injury. We have also designed and built our lift gate conveyors to be easy and safe to use. 

Machine Access

Improving access to essential machines and equipment is another benefit of integrating lift gate conveyor systems. The use of a lift gate can grant your facility the flexibility it needs to make the best use of your floor space, accommodate traffic, and boost efficiency by guaranteeing easy access to work areas. 

Conveyors With Lift Gates Available From Dorner

If you are looking for a way to improve access and efficiency in your facility, look no further than Dorner’s lift gate conveyors. Our lift gate conveyors are designed to provide safe and fast walk-thru access while maximizing your usable space.

Many of our conveyor systems can be customized to feature lift gates, granting you access where you need it most. 

Learn how you can improve line access and worker safety with lift gate conveyors from Dorner.
A lift gate conveyor from Dorner displaying its range of motion for safe, efficient mobility.

Industrial Conveyors

For industrial applications, lift gates are an ideal solution, granting access to all necessary areas without the need for catwalks, crossovers, or production delays. Lift gates are standard specials for conveyors from our 2200 and 3200 series. Built for durable, consistent, precise operation, these conveyors are designed to improve accuracy and efficiency while also reducing downtime. The addition of lift gates enhances these benefits further.

Sanitary Conveyors

Our sanitary conveyors, including models from the AquaPruf and AquaGard series, are built to reduce downtime and maintain high standards of product quality with a unique design that is quick and easy to clean. Your sanitary conveyor can be customized or Engineered to Order with a lift gate to improve machine access and efficiency.

Flexible Conveyors

Optimize your use of floor space and your productivity levels with FlexMove conveyors, which are designed for efficiency and flexibility. Able to be customized or Engineered to Order with lift gates, flexible conveyor solutions are straightforward and compact with a variety of other customizable options to suit your specific needs.

Belt Compatibility

Our lift gates are compatible with V-Guided and Non V-Guided belts, so no matter what type of conveyor system you need, we can work with you to engineer a solution.

Precision Lift Gate Specifications

When you integrate a lift gate into your Dorner conveyor system, you will also benefit from a number of features designed to improve safety, efficiency, and performance, including:

Optional Lift Gate Control Features

You may also choose a number of optional lift gate features to enhance performance and safety.

“Conveyor Down” Interlock Switch

Ensure worker safety and production efficiency with this interlock switch, which provides a dry contact signal when the conveyor is in the ready position.

Automatic Stop/Start Control

Automating conveyor operation starting and stopping can help you save even more time. When the gate is lifted, this automated control stops the lift gate conveyor motor, and it restarts the motor when the gate is in the “conveyor down” position, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Automatic Stop/Start Control With Clearing Timer

Additionally, you may select the automatic control with a clearing timer. The use of a push button control signals the timer to clear the conveyor contents before stopping the lift gate conveyor motor. The motor will restart when the gate is lowered to the “conveyor down” position, ensuring that operation is consistent, safe, and efficient.

A blue modular conveyor belt is designed for safety and sanitary conveying. A lift gate can be added to a conveyor belt for safe, easy navigation without the need for catwalks or crossovers.

Industrial Uses of a Conveyor Gate

Conveyor gates are useful in most industries, but they can be especially beneficial in fast-paced environments such as facilities that operate in the following spaces.


In e-commerce order fulfillment centers, conveyor gates can be used to improve line efficiency. Meeting increased demands for order fulfillment requires innovation and flexibility without detracting from production rates, and lift gates can provide the access necessary to maintain consistent performance and product quality.

Food Handling

Lift gates can improve the efficiency of sanitary conveyor systems in a food handling environment even further; we design sanitary conveyors to be easy and quick to clean, and the addition of a lift gate can reduce downtime when workers need to access other areas.


In manufacturing facilities, conveyor gates can help improve production efficiency and promote worker safety. Integrating a lift gate conveyor system can ensure workers can safely navigate the facility while also maintaining the high levels of productivity and quality assurance needed for optimal performance.


Lift gates allow warehouse workers to more efficiently and safely navigate the premises, moving products for storage or shipment as needed without risking injury or wasting time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lift Gate Conveyors

Lift gates can improve worker safety by reducing the need to reach over conveyors or navigate over them on crossovers and catwalks. Designed with safety in mind, lift gates are also built for simple, easy operation to ensure workers can navigate safely through them.

The benefits of integrating a lift gate conveyor system include increased line efficiency, improved safety, and enhanced flexibility.

You can safely cross over conveyor lines by using a lift gate. This allows you to walk through the middle of the conveyor without needing to shut it down or navigate around it. Traditional alternatives include crossovers and catwalks, which entail additional construction that requires workers to waste more time walking around the facility.

Enhance Worker Safety and Overall Production With Lift Gate Conveyors and Other Line Egress Solutions from Dorner

Dorner is a leading manufacturer of lift gate conveyors and other line egress solutions. Our products are designed to improve line access and worker safety in a variety of industries.