Angelo G. – Always on the Move, Always Learning

, Angelo G. – Always on the Move, Always Learning

Behind the Conveyor – Team Spotlight

Dorner has become a global brand in conveyor automation – and that’s all thanks to our team. In this blog series, we highlighted talented professionals whose dedication and passion are making a positive impact on your conveyor systems. These are the faces behind the brand who are helping to transform conveyor automation … and having fun doing it!

Meet Angelo G.

Angelo started out as a BTO Tech in one of our manufacturing cells and a few months later was moved to be one of our saw machinists. This wasn’t by mistake; Dorner wants to train employees in various tasks and techniques to broaden their skills and create a large, versatile and talented workforce.

In his five and a half years working at Dorner, he has learned and mastered multiple positions, including sawing, assembling, final assembling, crating, self-assembly and replacement parts.

With changes in technology, demand and global trends, Angelo’s wide-ranging experience helps support Dorner’s production needs. Always staying a step ahead, Dorner not just reacts to trends, they anticipate and get in front of them. With valuable and versatile employees like Angelo, that’s an easy thing to accomplish.

“There’s been a lot of change over the last five and a half years. I came here doing something one way, but it is constantly changing – the world is changing, so you have to keep up with the pace of the world. I love it!” he said. “Things keep moving and we have good ways of how we do it – we try new things and we see results.”

As things continue to evolve at Dorner, there’s a good chance Angelo will be there make it happen!

It’s professionals like Angelo G. that go above and beyond each and every day. Our global workforce takes pride in partnering with our customers to optimize efficiency and productivity in their applications. We accomplish this through the design, manufacture, support and distribution of high-quality conveyor systems that meet our demanding standards. That’s the Dorner Difference.