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Dorner Merge Conveyors

Dorner offers a variety of solutions for merging products in a processing line. We can merge 2, 3, 4 or more lines together, singulate the product and prep it for the next phase of production. We have manual, motorized, and pneumatic solutions depending on your application and product shape and size. All solutions are custom… Read more »


Staying Competitive with Automation

By John Kuhnz, Vice President – Engineered Solutions Increasing the speed of their packaging line is one of the leading requests we receive from customers. And for good reason. Faster speeds often equal higher rates of production, which can lead to greater profits. Of course, simply cranking up the speed of your conveyors won’t get… Read more »

What You Need to Know to Choose the Right Belt

  Have you been thinking about purchasing a conveyor, but don’t know how to decide which type of belt is right for your application? While you can always contact us to discuss your options with our application specialists, here are some of the conveyor belt basics you need to  get started. For a more in… Read more »

2200 Series Belted Conveyor

Auf schnellstem Wege: Förderbänder in wenigen Stunden versandfertig produziert

Für ein rumänisches Pharmaunternehmen hat Dorner heute zwei Förderbänder der 2x-Serie auf Maß in kürzester Zeit produziert. Nachdem am Vorabend die telefonische Anfrage des Neukunden kam und technische sowie logistische Details besprochen wurden, traf heute Morgen direkt der Kundenauftrag ein. Nach der Freigabe für die Produktion wurden innerhalb von weniger als vier Stunden beide Förderbänder… Read more »

2200 Series Belted Conveyor

Cleaning Tips for Industrial Conveyors

While customers are often familiar with cleaning and sanitizing stainless steel sanitary conveyors, which are built for daily wipe downs or washdowns, cleaning industrial conveyors is less straightforward. The products that can be used on industrial conveyors varies, usually due to the large range of belt materials. While some belts can handle harsher chemicals such… Read more »

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