Get a Sneak Peek of Dorner’s Pack Expo East Booth

, Get a Sneak Peek of Dorner’s Pack Expo East Booth

Pack Expo East is just around the corner, and Dorner will again be sharing a booth with Garvey to showcase the unique conveyance and accumulation solutions we offer. From Dorner’s flexible chain FlexMove conveyor to Garvey’s Infinity RX rotary accumulation table, we will have various systems on display designed to add efficiency to automated manufacturing and packaging processes.

AquaGard GT

The AquaGard GT is the newest sanitary conveyor system in our offering and represents the first-ever product collaboration between Dorner and Garvey. We brought the best of Dorner’s 7100 series conveyor with Garvey’s GT conveyor to offer food and beverage producers a cost-effective and innovative solution for their bottling, canning, and packaging applications.

The AquaGard GT features a wide capacity range and seamless elevation changes and curves within the conveyor line, making it ideal for intermachine product transport, line changes, and product sorting. Visit our Pack Expo East booth for an exclusive look at this new conveyor, demonstrating how it maintains efficiency and seamless product handling in bottling applications.

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Flexmove Wedge

Dorner’s FlexMove Wedge conveyor offers smooth product elevation while maintaining the smallest footprint possible. Available in s-shape and u-configuration, the FlexMove Wedge can lift products from machinery onto a conveyance line or between different lines while maintaining product orientation or flipping it to prepare for the next step in production. The unique gripper belting can easily handle odd-shaped products, and the Wedge conveyor features manual width adjustment options for easy line changeover with varying product sizes.

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Infinity RX

Garvey’s Infinity RX rotary accumulation table is designed with Garvey’s patented technology to accumulate and sort unstable products rapidly, making it the perfect solution for pharmaceuticals, vials, and other delicate medical products. This accumulation table can be configured for single or multi-lane accumulation to improve the line efficiency and throughput of large and small pharmaceutical applications.

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The ERT®150 is the perfect solution for assembly automation, inspection, and packaging in light load applications, pharmaceuticals, and medical-device operations. The belt-free pallet conveyor design effectively prevents particle accumulation commonly caused by belt friction and can be configured without pneumatics to comply with cleanroom standards. Seamless integration with robotics and automated vision systems further enhances its versatility. The ERT150 demonstration at Dorner’s Pack Expo East booth showcases the various modules and customizable features this conveyor system offers.

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Visit Dorner & Garvey at Pack Expo East

Explore the latest material handling and conveyance technology at booth 1527 at Pack Expo East, March 18-20, 2024. Our team is excited to show you our various packaging and product handling solutions that can help improve throughput and optimize your production line.

If you haven’t registered for Pack Expo East, you can click here to register, and be sure to use code: 56F28 for a discount at registration.