Transforming Meat and Poultry Conveyor Automation

Transforming Meat and Poultry Conveyor Automation

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Manufacturers cite food safety, sanitation, & operation efficiencies as their top concerns for the meat, poultry, & fish industry.

Dorner’s sanitary conveyors provide easy sanitation and improve overall equipment effectiveness.

Benefits of Dorner’s Meat & Poultry Conveyors:

  • Dorner Ultimate line of conveyors are designed to meet USDA regulations for red meat & poultry
  • By eliminating horizontal surfaces, blind spots and harbor points, food and water won’t accumulate, preventing the growth of bacteria.
  • Easy access to all areas of the conveyor for cleaning allows you to keep lines running and the conveyor at the highest level of sanitation.
  • Eliminating the chances of bacteria and contamination creates a safer conveyor and prevents the spread of illness to your customers.

Discover how Dorner Conveyors can help optimize your performance and efficiency today!

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