AquaPruf VBT Conveyors

  • Dorner AquaPruf VBT Conveyor
    Sanitary Vertical Belt Conveyors for Elevating Bulk Products
  • Dorner AquaPruf VBT Conveyor Belt
    Belt design features staggered sidewalls to increase pocket capacity and reduce product loss.
  • Dorner AquaPruf VBT Conveyor Cleats
    The clean through side wall design improves clean-ability, reduces cleaning time and water usage.
  • Dorner AquaPruf VBT Conveyor
    Der Antriebs-Getriebemotor befindet sich auf der Hauptsäule außerhalb des Lebensmittelabwurfbereichs.
  • Dorner AquaPruf VBT Conveyor
    The open frame design allows for quick belt changes in as little as 15 minutes!
  • Dorner AquaPruf VBT Conveyor
    Tool-less removal of idlers and belt supports.
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Benefits of AquaPruf 7600 (VBT) Vertical Belt Technology Conveyor:

Our sanitary incline conveyor technology will save your facility both time and money. Here at Dorner, we have only FDA approved belting and plastic components in our AquaPruf series, including the VBT.

This vertical belt technology is used for elevating bulk products like vegetables and fruits, popcorn, grains and nuts, pet food, pharmaceuticals, and small packages. As a sanitary, vertical conveyor belt system, it’s ideal for food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries, and all sanitary environments as it carries out a wide range of applications.

The belt technology is built for steep and vertical inclines, as well as bulk material handling, food process, and as a washdown conveyor, is easy to clean.


  • Elevation for walk-through
  • Hopper feeding
  • Weigh scale feeding
  • Sanitary environments

Open Frame/Tool-Less Sanitary Design

  • Continuous TIG Welded 304 stainless steel frame
  • #4 Polish on all surfaces
  • Open frame and tool-less design for ease of cleaning
  • Drive Gearmotor located on main column outside food drop zone

Staggered Sidewall Belt

  • Staggered Sidewall Belt provides 15% more pocket capacity than traditional sidewall belt
  • Self-Releasing Sidewall improves product release
  • Consistent RF Bonded Staggered Sidewall with 80% less bond area
  • Staggered Sidewall can be individually and easily repaired if damaged
  • Clean-through Side Wall Design improves clean-ability and reduces cleaning time and water usage

Quick Belt Change  

  • Quick Change open-frame design allows belt change in approximately 20 minutes
  • Tool-less removal of idlers and belt supports
  • Loose belt drops down main column
  • No belt tensioning needed


  • Lengths – Infeed and Exit
    • Minimum length = 20″
    • Maximum length = 72″
    • Length increments = 1/8″
  • Heights
    • Minimum TOB height = 16″
    • Maximum TOB height = 240″
    • Height increments = 1/8″
  • Widths
    • 12″-24″
    • 2″ increments


  • Belt Speed up to 100 ft/min


  • Solid Urethane Belting with 2″ pitch positive drive lugs
  • 3.5″ Tall RF welded scoop cleat
  • 3.5″ tall RF welded staggered sidewall
  • Pocket Spacing
    • Minimum = 6″
    • Maximum = 18″
    • Spacing Increments = 2″

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AquaPruf VBT Brochure 4 3 MB
Sanitary Conveyor Brochure 6 3.9 MB