Are You Neglecting Your Tails?

, Are You Neglecting Your Tails?

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Did you know that the tails of a conveyor account for only 8 to 20% of its overall price, but if they fail, that damage can be as high as 55% of the conveyor’s total value? The takeaway is – don’t neglect your tails, or it may cost you some serious money!

The tails of your conveyor play an important role in efficiently moving product. One end of the tail drives the belt, while the other tail keeps the belt properly aligned. Together, they help push the belt and keep it straight as it moves around the conveyor. The lifespan of tails is determined by application, environment, usage and other factors; on average they typically last about three to four years. However, regular maintenance and inspection is required to ensure they reach that projected lifespan. Here’s why:

If any part of the tail assembly fails, it can have a domino effect and necessitate replacement of the entire tail assembly (spindles, bearings, side plates); the opposing tail; belt; and motor. Not only will this potentially knock your conveyor out of commission for a longer stretch of time (remember, when a conveyor goes down, the entire production line goes down), the total cost of repair dramatically increases. 

Here are the warning signs that your tails may be in need of replacement: , Are You Neglecting Your Tails?

  • Emitting a squealing noise
  • Side plates hot to the touch
  • Worn texture found on the spindle portion of the drive end connected to the motor
  • Worn V-guide channel 
  • Debris lodged between the tail and belt 

Since components of the drive and idler tail assembly tend to wear together, we recommend replacing both tails at the same time. Additionally, this is an ideal time to replace the conveyor belt. You’ll need to remove the belt to replace the tails, and typically the conveyor belt and tails see the highest wear. 

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