Industry Leading Transfer Options on New AquaGard 7350 Series

Last month we launched the new AquaGard 7350 Series Platform, Stainless Steel sanitary conveyors for dry, wipe down and wet applications.

The AquaGard 7350 Series features a variety of transfer options designed to exceed industry standards and keep product moving.


Nose Bar Transfers

Nose bar transfers are available on both belted and modular straight belt models of the AquaGard 7350 Series.

The Belted Nose Bar features a 32 mm (1.25 in) nose bar tail and v-guided belt tracking.

The Modular Belt Nose Bar features a 25 mm (1 in) diameter for small parts transfers and speeds up to 79 m/min (260 ft/min).


Roller Transfers

The Roller Transfer option includes 1 mm (0.43) diameter rollers mounted in the transfer plate. All brackets and fasteners are Stainless Steel and the adjustable mounting allows for fine tuning of small part transfers.


Powered Transfers

The Powered Transfer option allows for the smooth transfer of small parts while maintaining speed through the transfer. The 13 mm (0.5 in) diameter roller can transfer parts as short as 75 mm (3 in) in diameter.

Featuring an 8 mm micropitch chain, the powered transfer is slave driven off of the tail module and can run at speeds up to 78.6 m/min (260 ft/min). It is available on the modular flat belt straight and curve models.

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